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Affirmations for Having Perfect 20/20 Vision

Hello beautiful souls, here are some affirmations for healing your eyes and having optimal vision. There are also some affirmations to strengthen your intuition/innervision. (you will find a subliminal video to listen to which contains all of the following affirmations):

  • I have 20/20 vision

  • My eyes are healing and I see clearer day by day

  • I take care of my eyes and my eyesight

  • My eyes are relaxed

  • My eyes are healing and my vision improves quickly

  • I can see all of the rich and vibrant colors of life

  • I can see contrasts and depth of field

  • I release all of the muscle tension around my eyes

  • My eyesight is renewed

  • I do everything in my power to improve my eyesight

  • I can read and focus on an object for long periods of time

  • I can see things clearly from afar

  • I perceive things clearly

  • My vision improves day by day

  • My eye stamina is long-lasting

  • My eyes can focus on any object I want to focus on

  • I am grateful for my eyesight

  • I see life from the eyes of a newborn

  • I see life as beautiful, exciting, joyful and fulfilling

  • I see everything clearly

  • My inner eye perceives things accurately

  • I gain clarity and understanding on all aspects of my life

  • I trust my inner knowing and intuition

  • I see things as they truly are

  • I am wise and have the faculty of discernment

  • I am clairvoyant

  • I am claircognizant

  • I see myself as I really am, I am authentic and true to myself

  • I see my path and purpose clearly, and I am fully aligned with myself

  • My third eye is open and my inner vision is clear

  • I see Love everywhere including in myself

With Luv, always

Messenger Of Luv

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