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Affirmations for having Perfect Hearing

Hello lovely souls, here are some affirmations for restoring and having optimal hearing. (you will find a subliminal video to listen to which contains all of the following affirmations):

  • I have phenomenal hearing abilities

  • My hearing is healed and renewed

  • I recover all of my previous hearing loss

  • My hearing ability improves daily

  • My ears have the ability to detect and listen to the most subtle sound

  • I can hear and recognize sounds from a faraway distance

  • I can easily hear the entirety of the frequency spectrum detectable by the human ear and beyond

  • I have ultrasonic and subsonic hearing

  • My hearing can pick up on the slightest sound

  • My hearing is very refined and is attuned to the entire frequency spectrum

  • My hearing ability is continuously protected and preserved

  • I am clairaudient

  • I recognize sounds effortlessly

  • I hear things accurately

  • I can recognize the nuances and the imprint that every sound leaves

  • I am a great listener

  • I can intellectually and emotionally process what I'm hearing effortlessly

  • I have supernatural hearing abilities

  • I am attuned and aligned to the spiritual nature of sound

  • I am beyond grateful for my ability to listen

  • I am beyond grateful for the harmony that sound and music brings into my life

  • My hearing ability allows me to deeply appreciate sound and music

  • My hearing ability is at its full potential

  • My hearing sense is completely aligned with my other senses and my intuition

  • I am attuned to my inner voice and inner guidance

  • I am thankful for my amazing hearing ability

  • Thank you for the beautiful gift of hearing

With Luv, always

Messenger Of Luv

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