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Affirmations to balance Feminine and Masculine Energy

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Hello beautiful souls, here are some affirmations to balance feminine and masculine energy (you will also find a subliminal video to listen to which contains all of the following affirmations):

  • I embody and unleash all the divine masculine and feminine energy in me

  • I am the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy

  • I am both yin and yang

  • I am receptive to all the gifts that have been given to me

  • I am in tune with my emotions all the time

  • I am open and let myself be vulnerable and cared for

  • I am a great listener and nurturer

  • I care for my needs and fulfill my desires

  • I take all the time I need to rejuvenate

  • I accept all of my emotions and feelings

  • I allow myself to do creative and fun activities

  • I am perfect just the way that I am

  • I nourish my body and soul with high vibrational foods and water

  • I feel great in my body

  • I embrace my sexuality and sensuality

  • I am kind and graceful

  • I am respectful and loving to myself and others

  • I trust my intuition and follow my heart's desires

  • I meditate and journal my thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams

  • I allow for blessings to come into my life

  • I let go and surrender to God/universe and co-create with the divine

  • I take action and pursue my heart's desire

  • I am full of life and energy

  • Energy flows through me effortlessly and every part of me is balanced

  • I manifest all of my dreams, desires, vision into the 3D/material world effortlessly

  • I do everything that is in my power to fulfill my goals

  • I am grounded and stable

  • I am confident in myself and my abilities

  • I focus on my goals effortlessly

  • I am a great planner and efficient in executing all the tasks at hand

  • I am organized and think clearly

  • I am calm and cool under pressure

  • I go on adventures and take risks that are aligned with my soul's purpose

  • I am disciplined and consistent with my actions

  • I am assertive and speak my mind freely when it matters to me

  • My mind is clear and I see things objectively

  • I set healthy boundaries for myself

  • I embrace change and growth

  • I am growing when I find myself out of my comfort zone

  • I am adaptable and I go with the flow

  • I am constantly learning and becoming a better version of myself

  • I am physically vital and fit

  • I feel secure in the material world and provide for all my needs

  • I am determined to accomplish my goals

  • All of my actions are aligned with my higher self

  • I am a leader and inspirational to others

  • I am brave, bold and daring

  • I am always aligned with my higher self and act according to the highest good of all beings

  • I am pure unconditional universal Love and I am One with everyone and everything

With Luv, always

Messenger of Luv

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