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Affirmations to release Anxiety, Fear and Worry

Hi beautiful souls, here are some affirmations to let go of anxiety, fear, worry. It will invite serenity and peace of mind into your life (you will find a subliminal video to listen to which contains all of the following affirmations):

  • I am peaceful and calm

  • My emotions are cool and collected

  • I cultivate inner peace and the inner strength to overcome my fears

  • I let go of all my worries and fears

  • I trust that I am protected and divinely guided

  • I free myself from all mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blockages

  • I am free as a bird

  • I am safe at all times

  • I can provide for myself and my loved ones

  • I am abundant and blessed

  • I cultivate positive thoughts and habits

  • Everything that I do is for my highest good

  • I generate a solution to all my problems

  • I utilize my breathing to feel centered and grounded

  • I release all the tension in my body

  • I am mindful of my thoughts and emotions

  • I meditate and cultivate mindfullness daily

  • I have a healthy lifestyle

  • I heal myself mind, body and soul

  • I live in the present moment

  • I am balanced

  • I adapt myself to all situations

  • I find growth in uncomfortable situations

  • I am in harmony with myself and my surroundings

  • I live in a loving and nurturing environment

  • I enjoy my life, my life is full of laughter and fun

  • I have complete trust in God/the universe

  • I am a divine being

  • I create the life that I want

With Luv, always

Messenger Of Luv

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