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Become a Super Learner and a Straight A student - Affirmations

Hello beautiful souls, here are some affirmations for becoming a super learner and excelling in your studies (you will find a subliminal video to listen to which contains all of the following affirmations):

  • I am a fast and efficient learner

  • I ace all of my exams

  • I am a straight A student

  • I always come fully prepared for my exams

  • I excel in all of the subjects that I'm studying in

  • My brain is sharp and I understand concepts easily

  • I learn things effortlessly and easily

  • I am logical, rational, as well as creative and innovative

  • I have great observational skills

  • I have great comprehension skills and I am thorough in my reasoning

  • I succeed in everything I set myself to do

  • I am a genius

  • Everyday, I am excited, motivated, and enthusiastic about learning

  • My mind is laser focused on the task at hand

  • I am very organized, efficient and productive with my time

  • I have a stellar short-term and long-term memory

  • I have photographic memory

  • I have an innate ability to understand abstract and concrete concepts

  • Words come to me easily and I communicate my ideas precisely

  • I am mentally sharp and I have a bright mind

  • I always find solutions to problems and think outside the box

  • My creativity is limitless

  • I can learn new skills easily and efficiently

  • I have optimal mind-body coordination

  • I properly nourish my mind, body and soul for optimal performance

  • I get genius ideas all the time

  • I am emotionally balanced

  • I have a high intellectual and emotional quotient

  • I believe in myself and my abilities fully

  • I am extremely confident in myself

  • I am very successful in my studies

With Luv, always

Messenger Of Luv

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