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Powerful affirmations for weight loss | Listen for 21 days | Positive I AM affirmations for Wellness

Dear beautiful soul, These powerful affirmations will help reprogram and rewire your mind for permanent and effective weight loss. Listen for the next 21 days for optimal results.

Below is the list of affirmations created for this video:

  1. I am extremely confident in my ability to lose weight

  2. Everyday, I make conscious choices that allow me to get closer to my weight loss goals

  3. I am constantly burning calories in an efficient manner

  4. I burn more calories than what I eat

  5. I lose weight efficiently & effortlessly

  6. My lifestyle is fully aligned with my weight loss goals

  7. I remodel and sculpt my body graciously and holistically

  8. I am patient, consistent, and committed to my weight loss program

  9. My weight loss progress is consistent and the results add up over time

  10. My subconscious mind is programmed for weight loss

  11. I adopt the perfect eating habits that benefit my weight loss

  12. I eat nutritious and holistic foods

  13. I eat mindfully

  14. I fuel my body with healthy foods that keep me energized all day

  15. I hydrate my body throughout the day

  16. Everyday I am motivated and enthusiastic about my weight loss efforts

  17. I establish the perfect plan and daily routine for weight loss

  18. I honor and cherish my body, as it is my temple

  19. Everyday, I practice mindfulness and gratitude

  20. I visualize my new amazing body and feel great in it

  21. I am so grateful for my amazing body

  22. I am so grateful for my weight loss results

  23. My body is agile, flexible, supple, strong, endurant and powerful

  24. I feel great in my body

  25. Everyday, I exercise to tone and shape my body

  26. Everyday, I exercise to improve my cardiovascular system

  27. Everyday, I exercise to improve my strength and flexibility

  28. I have so much fun when I am training

  29. I am fully enjoying eating healthy and whole foods

  30. I adopt the perfect eating plan that will allow me to rapidly lose weight and feel great in my body

  31. I have a positive and proactive mindset

  32. I am fully aligned mind, body and soul

  33. I enjoy fun activities that allow me to move my body in every way

  34. I love myself unconditionally

  35. I treat myself with love, kindness, compassion, gentleness

  36. I take the time to rest, replenish and rejuvenate

  37. I listen to my body and the guidance it brings me

  38. I am fully balanced and centered within myself

  39. I mobilize and stretch my body for perfect mobility and balance

  40. I see my full potential and believe in myself and my ability to lose weight

  41. I achieve my dream body goal

  42. Everyday, I am inspired to make positive changes to lose weight

  43. I am surrounded by an uplifting and inspiring environment

  44. I feel supported and encouraged for my weight loss efforts

  45. I achieve rapid and long-lasting weight loss results

  46. I become the best version of myself

  47. I radiate happiness and confidence

  48. I feel serene, peaceful, and at home in my body

  49. My body is my temple

  50. I feel, act and live as if I am already in my ideal body

  51. I am disciplined and consistent in my weight loss efforts

  52. I am so proud of myself for all of my efforts

  53. I celebrate and honor myself by living a healthy and holistic lifestyle

Sending you lots of love, always!

Thank you for listening.

-Messenger of Luv

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